The Curious Constituent: Election news round-up

In February, an unsuccessful candidate for city supervisor filed a federal lawsuit claiming S.F.'s ranked-choice voting system violates equal protection and due process rights. In response, the U.S. district court last week said, "Yeeeah ... not so much."

Watch for San Leandro, Berkeley and Oakland to start ranked-choice voting this November.

Oakland's mayoral race may be tighter than we thought. Could City Councilwoman Jean Quan pull an upset over Former Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata?

Jean Quan could use some good news. She was robbed over the weekend.

Former Oakland Mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown had a tough week. First he made this slip-up  about former President Bill Clinton (Clinton still endorsed Brown).

Then his competition threw down some more green. Meg Whitman is now the biggest spender on a single campaign in our nation's history.

Only New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg came close to Whitman's spending – and he's about to stump for her.

Democrats worry over the GOP's resources to sway voters. But their biggest problem could be whether or not frustrated voters show up at all.