Written on the Dock of the Bay: September 2, 2011

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As part of its More Jobs, Not Taxes campaign, Amazon has proposed opening six distribution centers to employ 7000 Californians. Amazon will only do this, however, if they are allowed to remain except from sales tax until the mysterious date of "sometime in 2014." Before you grab the Internet and throw it into the ocean shouting about the terror of taxation without representation, check out what independent bookstores have to say.  Green Apple Books owners say they don't want to collect sales tax, either. "We, too, are fed up with government providing infrastructure, security, and education," says Green Apple Books’ Pete Mulvilhill. "Enough is enough."

Friday, September 2

Chill writing place // Sometimes, writers and readers like to go from inside, to outside, and then to inside again, in a public place that makes the creative energy cells charge like cell phones. This Friday, make leave your house for writing place NextSpace Coworking + Innovation. It has free Wifi, coffee, and tea. And free sofas. // DETAILS: Friday, August 19, 8:30am - 5:30pm. NextSpace Coworking + Innovation. 97 S. 2nd St. #100, San Jose

Saturday - Sunday, September 3 - 4

Zine festival // When you tell someone about a zine, they are likely to respond, "Don't you mean a magazine?" or struggle to pronounce it correctly, repeating for you, "Zyn. Zinc? Zeus?" But if you come to the San Francisco Zine Festival this weekend, everyone will understand what you're talking about when you say zine: essentially, a self-published magazine. This weekend, there will be thousands of zines and hundreds of zinesters, all in one room. // DETAILS: Saturday, September 3 - Sunday, September 4, 11am. San Francisco County Fair Building. 1199 9th Ave

Tuesday, September 6

Author event // What are you doing this Tuesday? Hanging with Spud. That's not the name of a new television show; it's your life! At the Book Passage this Tuesday, Spud Hilton, the travel editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, will share what he has learned from journeying through five continents and then detailing these experiences in more than 60 newspapers in North America. // DETAILS: Tuesday, September 6, 7pm. Book Passage. 51 Tamal Vista Drive, Corte Madera

Wednesday, September 7

Author event // Beth Whitman, like Spud, knows how to travel. She knows how to travel through European cities, how to stay in touch while you're traveling, and, the most crucial TWO PIECES OF WISDOM of all: what to see and do in Whitechapel, London and the rules of traditional Chinese hot spring baths. She's written The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo. She'll be speaking about her adventures at REI this weekend, and the first 40 people to get to REI willl get a free copy of her book. BONUS! // DETAILS: Wednesday, September 7, 7pm. REI. 1338 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

Thursday, September 8

Author reading // Come to City Lights this Thursday to read notes from a dirty old man. Not the ones passed to you during Pre-algebra 2 ... the ones from Charles Bukowski's column. Scholar David Stephen has edited Bukowski’s collection in a new book called More Notes of a Dirty Old Man. Because we just can’t get enough of them. // DETAILS: Thursday, September 8, 7pm. City Lights Bookstore. 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco